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Getting a personal loan in The Netherlands at Becam: you can compare different loans and borrow money against the lowest interest in the Netherlands. You can independently take out a loan at the most favorable conditions. We are the biggest credit intermediary and we work together with specialized credit banks. That’s why we are able to give you historically low interest rates, from 3,8%

At Becam you can apply for a loan fully online. The benefits of fully online is that you can easily compare loans without it taking a long time. You can decide by yourself:

  • The amount of your loan
  • Which loan form
  • Monthly payment
  • From which bank you want to receive a non-committal quotation

We do not charge any closing costs or brokerage costs. We have the following two types of loans: the revolving credit and the personal loan. 90% of the clients choose the personal loan. Below we mention the characteristics of the two types of loans.

Personal loan:

  • Fixed interest
  • Fixed term
  • Fixed monthly period
  • Maximum certainty
  • Free extra repayments possible

Revolving credit:

  • Variable interest
  • You can withdraw repaid amounts up to the credit limit
  • Fixed monthly period
  • Variable term
  • Free extra repayments possible

Our method & service

  1. Saving check – Do you have an existing loan? Here we check how much you can save
  2. Request quote – Do you want a new loan? Then you could request a free quote by filling in the application form
  3. Quotation in the mailbox – We send you a free quote by mail and you can at your ease choose if the loan is a good choice for you
  4. Send back and pay out – You have to sign the quote and send it back and we will take care of the rest
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